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The Angel Hands Project began simply as Dale McClung was a school bus driver.  One day a Kindergarten girl got on the bus crying.  She said she was crying because it was her birthday and her daddy had told her that she wouldn't be getting any prsednts because they didn't have the money.  The dad and grandpa in Dale wasn't very happy with this.  After discussing it with Jenni and praying over it, they believe that God wanted them to start a ministry - Angel Hands. 

Angel Hands is designed to help underprivileged families in several areas, though the dominant two are food and toys.  The goal is to reach folks and give them unconditional love so they will understand the love of the Father and be better able to accept it.  They usually ask "why" when they receive gifts from Angel Hands and it gives us great opportunities to share Christ.

We began by making sure that all of the kids on Dale's bus were receiving not only birthday, but Christmas presents as well.  In our first year, we were able to give gifts to over 75 kids.  This has continually expanded and we are now reaching over 500 kids a year.  Last year, Angel Hands was able to give out over 1000 Christmas gifts alone!

The expansion has continued, and God has continued to bless our little project financially.  Folks from all over have seen fit to participate with donations (either toys or financial) and by stepping up and helping spread the cheer. 

This year, we have seen the need for food donations in dramatic fashion.  Families funds are spread very thin sometimes and just a little event can throw them completely out of budget.  This can lead to financial hardship very quickly.  Sometimes just a boost with a food donation can be just the thing to bring them back around.

Want to donate?  Want to be a part?  Great!  Call us and we'll let you know how to make a huge difference in the lives of others!


INFO@LONESOMEROAD.NET                      816-682-1449                      1510 MCCLELLAN DR., LIBERTY, MO., 64068