Lonesome Road

Southern Gospel Music Ministry










Our Mission


Lonesome Road is driven to prove that a family that is founded on God
and relying on His guidance can be of astounding value to today's church
and the Kingdom of God.  We believe that a family that serves God together
will be drawn closer and can be much better used than a family that is
serving separately.  Thus, the assembly of 3 families as a single ministry unit.

When Lonesome Road comes to your church or meeting, you get the full impact
of families that are in complete harmony on a single point - God is completely
in charge.  You may see this served out in many ways.  Through song, testimony,
preaching, teaching, or just a warm hug, we all desire to share the love of Christ.

Alongside our main mission is a much more hands on goal.  We have a burning
desire to help those around us who are needy and share with them the love of God
on a very personal scale.  Through the Angel Hands Project, we reach out to our
community to help the less fortunate with food, clothing, toys, and connect them with
other ministries that can also help.  You can read more on the Angel Hands page.

We invite you to join with us in serving our King.  It's easy!  All you have to do is listen, and start!

INFO@LONESOMEROAD.NET                      816-682-1449                      1510 MCCLELLAN DR., LIBERTY, MO., 64068