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Family First

When Sam and Dale decided to start Lonesome Road, they wanted to make it a different focus from any group they had been in prior.  They wanted the families to be involved in every aspect of the ministry.  So far it's been a fantastic success!  

Why Lonesome Road?

We get this question quite often.  God made the path straight and the gate narrow so that each of us would have to make his own choice.  There are few that choose this path and even fewer who are prepared to walk out this lifestyle at any cost.  Our purpose is not to grab glory for ourselves, but to invite others to walk this lonely path with us.

Be Inspired

Our concerts are designed not only to be entertaining, but challenging as well.  We want folks to leave not only having had a good time, but spiritually different than when they came.  We ask God to be very present and the Holy Spirit to be at work while we sing.

A secondary goal is to uplift our Pastors.  We learned early on that if we can lift a Pastor, we'll lift a church.  Our hearts hurt any time we hear that a Pastor has left a church or the ministry entirely, so whatever we can do to encourage them to walk on, we are determined to do it.


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