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Sam Radke

Sam has been singing for God for over 30 years.  As the baritone for the group, he is the group completer.  We call him "Uncle Sam" because he truly is a member of the family.  And yes, he smiles like that all the time!

Dale McClung

Dale has been singing for over 22 years, and is the spokesman for the group.  He is thrilled to have his kids and brother on stage with him and is having "more fun than he deserves".

Nathan McClung

The newest member of the group, Nathan is an old hand at singing for the Lord.  He sang with Dale for 15 years with Dale in the group "One Voice".  He has a beautiful and extremely powerful tenor voice.  You're going to love him!

Josslyn McClung

Truly the "rose among the thorns", Josslyn is a living miracle.  She is a survivor of a brain tumor, yet she sings beautifully and is an accomplished author.  Her books are available at the table.  Great reads!

Bryson McClung

Bryson is truly amazing! To listen to his resounding bass voice, you'd never know he is only 19 years old.  He's also a fantastic sound man, and has a great ear for arranging music.  If you like deep bass singing, you'll love Bryson!

Sound Techs

Penny Radke and Jenni McClung are the real foundation of the group.  They do a great job of making us sound good at our concerts.  We are truly grateful for the talent we have at our fingertips.